Term and conditions of sale


Please note that this version of the terms and conditions is a translation which purpose is purely informative and shall not be considered as a legal document. Only the french version “conditions de vente”


The present conditions are applicable, firstly, between the company Ateliers Brugier CALEX, owner of the website www.ateliersbrugier.com named below as ” the ateliers Brugier”

SIRET: 582 027 108 00023

Offices adress : 74 rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris FRANCE

and secondly, the people wishing to make a purchase on the website www.ateliersbrugier.com named below as “user”.

Both parties agree that the present conditions, available on the day of the purchase rule exclusively their relationship.


The present conditions define the method of the sale between the Ateliers Brugier and the user, this conditions affects only a relationship between the ateliers Brugier and a non-professional natural person.


The user can only order from the website www.ateliersbrugier.com

The order can only be made on the website if the user identify himself with a valid address mail, name and home address.

Every order worth the acceptance of the prices and the descriptions of the products for sale.

The user can modify his cart before the finale validation, last step formalizing the contract between the Ateliers Brugier and the user.

The company Ateliers Brugier CALEX is committed to fulfill the orders received through the website while stock last. If the Ateliers Brugier couldn’t fulfill the order because of the lack of stocks , the company is committed to inform the user.

In some cases, for instance the default of the user payment, a wrong address or any problem regarding the informations provided by the user, the Ateliers Brugier are allowed to block the order until the problem is solved.


The delivery is available for the orders made through the website www.ateliersbrugier.com provided that:

-the item is in stock

-you provide a home address

-the address provided is accurate

The delivery time can be certified because it may vary regarding the destination and the size of the items sent. However the Ateliers Brugier is committed to do its best to make delivery arrive as soon as possible.


The user can choose two payment method

-Online during the order with a credit card

Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

The bank account of the user will be debited at the time of the order. The payment by credit card uses the services of Stripes


The prices are indicated in euros and include taxes.

They include the VAT practicable on the day of the order. Every changes of the rate practicable may have an impact on the prices of the products. However the prices cannot be modified once the order of the user is validated.

Equally, if one or several taxes or contributions, particularly environmental, would be created or modified, upwards as downwards, this change may have an impact on the prices of the products on sale on the website www.ateliersbrugier.com.


Due to the fact that most of the product on sale on the website www.ateliersbrugier.com  are unique, we cannot provide any exchanges or organize the return of those products. In the case of an issue, please contact us with the details of “contact” page.


In any cases, providing online a credit card number validate the final step of the order is considered as proof of the order in its entirety in accordance with  the provisions of the law of 13th March 2000 and and will cause the sums incurred for the order to become due and payable.

This validation worth signature and express acceptance of all the operations made on the website. However, in case of a fraudulent use of its credit card, the user is invited, as soon as possible, to contact the Ateliers Brugier by email with the contact from the contact page on www.ateliersbrugier.com


The company Ateliers Brugier CALEX has, during every step of the order as the all the steps  after the conclusion of the contract, a mandatory commitment to provide result.

Therefore the Ateliers Brugier are committed to describe as accurately as possible the products sold on the website www.ateliersbrugier.com. In all cases, the Ateliers Brugier shall not be held liable if the non-performance of its obligations is attributable to an unforeseeable force or a third party such as defined by the legal precedent of the french laws. Equally, the Ateliers Brugier shall not be held liable for the harm or damages inherent to the use of internet, such as malware infections, external intrusions.


The Ateliers Brugier reserves the right to collect data about the user, including the use of cookies.

The user may receive a confirmation of its order through e-mail. The user may also receive offers from the Ateliers Brugier through e-mails.

It is our responsibility to make sure that all the personnal datas from the user are correct and up to date in accordance with the provisions of the article 32 of the law n°200-801 from the 6th of August 2004 relative to the protection of the natural persons regarding the treatment of the personnal datas and modifying the law n°8-17 from the 6 january 1978 relative to the computing, datas, liberty of the users. The users have a the right to access, modify and delete informations which concern them at any moment by contacting the Ateliers Brugier.


All the elements of the website www.ateliersbrugier.com visual or sound, including underlying technologies, are protected by the copyright, the brand, or the brevets.

Therefore, no documents from the website www.ateliersbrugier.com shall be reproduce, reposted, downloaded, shared or distributed in any way except a mention which explicitly contradicts it or it follows those conditions: The user is authorized to download a copy of the document on a computer for its personal use only and shall not use it for a commercial purpose, the informations or the document shall not be modified in any way and the user must keep all the copyrights and other mention of intellectual propriety. The alteration of those documents or their use for an other purpose constitute an infraction to the law regarding the intellectual propriety of the company Ateliers Brugier.

Every links to www.ateliersbrugier.com must be removed on the simple request of the Ateliers Brugier.

The Brand, Logos, drawings, samples, pictures, on this website are the exclusive propriety of the Ateliers Brugier. Their disclosure shall not be considered as an agreement, a licence or a right to use those elements protected by the intellectual propriety.


the present conditions are applied through all the period during the website www.ateliersbrugier.com is on-line.


The computerized registers, kept within computerized systems of the company Ateliers Brugier CALEX and its collaborators with reasonable conditions of safety, shall be considered as proof of communications of the orders and payments made between the two parties.


The present conditions are subject to the French law. The competent court in case of litigation shall be the one where the defendant is domiciled or, if the complainant makes the choice, the actual place of delivery of the product.

This website is conform to the french legislation, and in no case, the Ateliers Brugier do not provide any guaranty of conformity to the local legislation which would be applied to you when you access to the website from another country.